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Hai Organizer

We Arrange

Most All Events

Hai Organizer always strives to realize the client's plans or dreams with a high work ethic and in recent years, the organizer has worked closely with makeup artists professionals and well-known brands in National and International.

The services we offer.

  • Wedding Events
  • Beauty Events
  • Seminar & Workshop
  • Private Class

Our Best Strategy

Manage and plan the strategy and do our best to get the right target.


Organize activities well and provide comfort to participants and clients.

Best Venue

Enjoy facilities and places that are satisfying and affordable.

Enjoy Event

Provide comfort to participants and clients.

Creative and Elegant

  • Who We Are

    We are an event and planning procurement that established from the end of 2017.

  • What we do

    We hold seminars, workshops, private and wedding events. We are here because of you.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision and mission are to make your own events become real.

  • Our Goals

    Make your own event. Make the best event with the best team to produce special and unforgettable events.

Our Speakers

List makeup artist & partner in our management.

Satisfied Clients

MUA Medan

Workshop yang sangat bermanfaat. Mas @slamwiyono itu ternyata lebih baek dr yang saya bayangin. Selalu ramah dan selalu sabar menghadapi seluruh peserta dan bersedia diajakin poto, ngobrol, ngobrak ngabrik peralatannya, daaan ngasih pinjem produknya (ini yg belum pernah saya lihat di narasumber MUA lain lho). Lgsg jatuh cinta ama kepribadiannya πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ». Makasih byk jg utk @haiorganizer_ yg uda memfasilitasi acara ini, khususnya buat mba Mira yg baeeeek bener deh ama peserta. Suasananya nyaman banget. Pokoknya Two Thumbs Up untuk kalian πŸ™πŸ»

MUA Makassar

Thankyou so much kak @slamwiyono, one of my fav glowing makeup. Setelah sempat gagal ikut kelasnya. Finally akhirnya bisa ikutan. Pokoknya ga menyesal ikutan. Kak @slamwiyono orangnya baik banget! Nyampein mater juga dijelasin dari A-Z. Thank you so muchhhhh!!!

MUA Makassar

Alhamdulillah dapat ilmu baru lagiii... 😊 #WSslam walaupun hari ini lg kurang enak badan 😷 tp rasa semangat pengen belajar sma kak slam itu duhhhh..luar biasa.. 😍😘😚 "gimana sih cara buat makeup glowing.. tp matte" amazingg dehhh.. sentuhannya flawless tp glam. aahh susa dijelasin pokoknyaa.. hehe.. thank you somuch my inspring coach @slamwiyono seneng bgtt bisa belajar sama kak slam.. ilmunya the best.. 😍😍😍 smoga bs tertular hitsnya kayak Mua Hits Indonesia kak @slamwiyono aamiinn.. .

MUA Surabaya

Alhamdulillah terima kasih ilmunya kak slam😁 ahirnya kesampean juga ketemu kak @slamwiyono ❀️ semoga berkahh ilmu yg dibagikan.. sangat" luar biasa dan makin jatuh cinta sama karyanya kak slam yg rapiiihh dan sangat cantik hasilnya.. gak hanya ngajarin gimana caranya mekap yg ngga kelihatan too much.. daaan kita sebagai MUA jg ga hanya harus punya skill yg bagus, tapi jg dituntut untuk berattitude yg baik, knowledge yg sangat" luas, dan menjadi MUA yg jujur ❀️😘 sukses selalu buat kak slam semoga bisa ketemu lg πŸ™πŸ½ semi private makeup class @slamwiyono organized by @haiorganizer_.

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